Clean and Efficient Hydrocarbon Production

Putting Carbon where it's meant to be!

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Improve water, gas, and steam sweep efficiencies

Carbon Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Maximizing CO₂ storage underground

Hydraulic fracturing

Frac Hit mitigation, Huff and Puff improvement

Cnergreen 's Vision:

All hydrocarbons are produced at the lowest possible carbon intensity.
Unlock pore space via advanced Nanoscience
Tailored for every reservoir

Innovative nanoparticle-based foam with superior stability and tunability for all reservoirs and applications.

ArmorFoam TM
why cnergreen
  • ArmorFoam™-EOR: Access unswept reservoir, increase oil recovery and pore space for CO2 storage, while reducing carbon intensity.
  • ArmorFoam™-Frac: Stable strong foam prevents parent well damage during infill well fracture operation.
  • ArmorFoam™ -HP: Effectively delivers production enhancing fluids throughout the reservoir.

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