Expert Team

With a unique combination of industry, research, and technology commercialization experience.

Ali Telmadarreie

Co-Founder & CEO

People-oriented and enthusiastic. Background in petroleum engineering and complex fluids. Experienced working in multidisciplinary environments.

Rodger Bernar

Chief Operating Officer

Manager and Engineer. Decades of experience in field operation, process engineering, and technology commercialization.

Dave Edwards

Executive Vice President

Reservoir Engineer and entrepreneur. Decades of experience in field operation, well stimulation, and technology commercialization.

Steven Bryant - Co-Founder & Director Cnergreen

Steven Bryant

Co-Founder & Director

Scientist and leader. Background in nanomaterial and fluid flow in porous media. Experienced in leading multidisciplinary groups and projects.

Alfred Fischer - Senior Advisor Cnergreen

Alfred Fischer

Senior Advisor

Passionate mentor. Decades of experience in technology commercialization, enhanced oil recovery, and field operation.